What Is Sound Block?

Sound block is one of the ten categories of default Scratch blocks that are color-coded pink/magenta and used to control sound (and formerly MIDI) functions. These blocks enable you to add music and sound effects in your programs.

The main function of these blocks is to play a selected sound, pausing the script until the sound finishes playing. They also allow you to set the sound that a sprite or backdrop will use and stop all sounds in your project at once.

The Power of Quiet: Choosing the Right Sound Block

While blocking materials are often the appropriate solution for spaces that require a solid barrier to outside noises, there are times when absorption products are more suitable. For example, home theaters would benefit from the use of sound absorption foams that help to contain movie soundtracks and prevent outside sounds from interfering with the viewing experience. Additionally, acoustic panels and baffles can be placed within rooms to mitigate unwanted reverberations.

Sound block is a great way to add audio features to your coding projects. It is not as complicated as using a text-based programming language and it can even be done by children. In fact, Wiingy’s Online Scratch Coding Classes For Kids are a great way to teach children about coding. However, before you start coding with sound block, make sure your computer isn’t on mute. Otherwise, you may find that the sound won’t work properly. If that happens, check your computer’s settings and reset it if needed.

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