The Real World by Andrew Tate

The Real World is a self-described “online training program” that claims to equip users with the tools they need to become wealthy. But critics say it’s actually a cynical, ingenious grift with the hallmarks of an illegal pyramid scheme. And it appears to exploit young, vulnerable men and boys.

Real Talk: Andrew Tate’s Straightforward Approach in “The Real World

The program, which was formerly known as Hustlers University, has recently migrated from a discord server to its own platform, allowing for greater control over the membership and course content. The platform uses a custom-built interface reminiscent of popular social chat platforms, such as Discord, but the new version also features its own servers and payment processors.

During a morning check-in call viewed by VICE News, one of The Real World’s instructors told members to skip sleep and work unsustainable hours in order to finish their coursework, which involves creating Tiktok videos that promote Tate and his interests — essentially acting as a decentralised content farm for the influencer. The instructors then pay back a small percentage of the course fee to students who successfully sign up new members.

Nathan Pope, an Australian man who left The Real World, says he spends much of his time online confronting Tate’s cultish fan base, trying to wake them up to the fact that he is not their saviour, nor is he their “matrix overthrow hero”. But many are struggling financially, seeking a way to make enough money to cover medical bills or afford rent, and are willing to put in long hours to do it.

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