Psalm 91 Meaning

Psalm 91 meaning a promise of safety from fear and danger, and an assurance that God will take care of his people. This is more than just a promise of physical safety, it is a spiritual safe haven that can only be found by dwelling in the secret place of the Most High, and trusting in the Lord day in and day out.

This psalm is filled with vivid descriptions of danger and threats, including the “snare of the fowler, and the trap of the wild beast.” It also includes reference to the “deathly pestilence,” which is described as causing an envelopment of woes, sorrows, distractions, terrors, and death itself.

While the authorship of this psalm is a hot topic of debate (some scholars suggest Moses, others David, and still others an anonymous temple composer), all agree that it was written during Israel’s time of trial and affliction. Its teaching of the power and love of God, as well as his protection and deliverance from a variety of threats and dangers, is an enduring message that can be applied to all of life’s situations.

Wings of Protection: Unveiling the Power of Psalm 91 in Times of Need

The psalm continues with the assurance that no harm will come near the habitation of those who make the Most High their refuge. This includes those who deny themselves of all their own pride, and those who find their value in God alone; and it applies to anyone who dwells with Jesus Christ, who is our true Refuge. The psalm also includes a promise that God will give his angels charge over the saints, and this protection is personal and individual. Anointing your home with oil is a way to consecrate it to the Lord and a sign of your faith in his promise of protection.

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