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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning is the process of removing grease from commercial kitchen exhaust systems including the hood, filters, and ductwork. It is done by trained technicians who use specialized equipment and chemicals to remove all of the grease from these areas. It is a critical service to help prevent fires in restaurants and to maintain the safety of employees and customers.

Professional hood cleaners are well versed in the national standards for kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. They also understand the legal requirements for proper cleaning and can help ensure that your restaurant is meeting all compliance standards. Failure to have your hoods professionally cleaned can result in hefty fines or even closure of the restaurant.

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During the cleaning process, kitchen exhaust hoods and ductwork must be shut down. The technician will start by turning off the power to the fan and disconnecting any wiring. Then they will dismantle the exhaust fan by loosening the screws and bolts and separating it from the rest of the system. The technician will then clean the motor, fan blades, and housing of the exhaust fan as well as any other components in the ductwork using appropriate chemicals.

After the hood has been thoroughly cleaned, technicians will disinfect all of the kitchen surfaces that have come in contact with grease or oil. They will then apply a sticker that is required by law to the hood. This will show fire inspectors, health departments and your insurance agent that the hood was recently cleaned.

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