How Floor Screed Is Done

Screed floor near me is a type of mixture that is spread over the base of a new or existing floor to provide a smooth surface for your chosen flooring to be laid over it. It can be bonded, unbonded or used in conjunction with underfloor heating. Different types of flooring require different thicknesses of floor screed, so your chosen professional will establish the type of screed that is needed and lay it to the appropriate thickness.

This process is a lot more complicated than it might seem on paper and should only be carried out by a skilled and experienced professional. Not doing so can lead to problems later on, especially with more permanent floors such as tiles or linoleum. If your floor screed isn’t applied in the right way, it will not create a smooth, flat surface and could even cause your flooring to crack as it settles.

Your Local Source for Floor Screeders: What to Expect

The mixing of the floor screed is the most difficult part of this process and requires a great deal of experience to get right. A mixture of three parts sand to one part cement seems to be the standard ratio but your chosen professional may prefer to use something different.

The next step is to add water to the mixture. This needs to be done in careful measure as too much will ruin the whole mix. This is the point where the professional will test the consistency of the floor screed to ensure it has the correct density and strength for the type of flooring you are going to install.

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