Forklift Train the Trainer Class

forklift train the trainer

Forklift Academy class teaches employees to become their company’s on-site forklift safety training resource. With forklift accidents ranking high on OSHA’s list of most cited violations, having your own trainer on staff can decrease the risk of injuries, workers’ compensation claims and lost productivity.

Having a trainer on your team can also help streamline the training process. Instead of sending new hires away to attend a class, they can get trained right in your facility and be up and running as soon as possible. This helps to reduce disruptions to business operations and increases employee satisfaction with their employer.

A forklift train the trainer course should include instructor development, as well as hands-on training with a variety of forklifts. The trainer should be familiar with the different types of forklifts and their operating parameters, as well as warehouse safety measures and OSHA compliance. Additionally, the forklift train the trainer should understand how to evaluate and test forklift operators.

The Keys to Success: How Forklift Train-the-Trainer Programs Enhance Skills

In addition to the forklift train the trainer class, a good program will provide ongoing support after the trainee is certified as an in-house forklift trainer. This is because the trainee may have questions or problems with delivering the forklift safety training that they are now responsible for.

When choosing a forklift train the trainer class, it is important to make sure that all training materials are included with the cost of the class. Beware of companies that offer a low price for the class and then require you to purchase additional training materials at an extra cost.

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